Kindan no kazoku

Pairings: Kyomoto Taiga x Kawabata Kouwani

Summary: Kouwani is half Japanese guy from southeast Asia who went to Japan to Study in University. Kyomoto Taiga is a famous idol from Johnny's Entertainment which happens to be his classmate. What will happen if these two were been bound by an impossible fate that even modern science cannot explain it?

Warning: PG-15

[Chapter 2-The Poisonous Crocodile]
The whole class was seriously listening at the instrurctor's lesson. They are now at college and need to take things seriously in order for them to secure a good future. Every was heavily concentrating about the topic except for one student; the idol from the famous agency who sits at the lower right-side of the class,Kyomoto Taiga.

He still glaring at his classmate who is sitting at the upper right corner, its been an hour since that incident happen but still he can't forget it.

"I won't for give him! He humiliated mo so much this day!" he said to himself

At the same time that classmate was just calmly listening to the instructor's lecture but once in a while he will look at Taiga then will give a wicked smile taunting the idol into anger.

"How dare you to make fun of me!" Taiga said to himself again.

The lesson for that day ended; the university students are now leaving the school including those 2, Taiga grab Kouwani's arm and bring him in a corner.

"What is your problem! Do you know how you ruined my image so much on this day?"

"(smiled wickedly) Your image will be completely destroyed when someone sees us and I will an idol for Johnny's and Associate is bullying me."

Taiga's face turned pale, he didn't think before he act.

"You should use your brain most of the time good thing you didn't get any scandal yet" said by Kouwani then he leaved the scene.

Taiga was walking to his home alone, he didn't walk together with his friend cause he is not in the mood.

"That shit is making fun of me! How come a commoner can be more aggressive and scarier than an idol like me?!"

"Ahhhhhhhh" he shouted when he noticed a scared boy at his back.


"I was calling you but your face are all blank and you are like looking in an outer space."

The two of them decided to walk together, Taiga open his problem to his friend.

"There is a rude brat in my university, and he humiliated me!"


"YES!, He even spread that I tried to violate him."


"You said it. I don't know if I have the guts to see his face again tomorrow. (Sigh) Just thinking of his face makes me sick."

"In that case I will help you"

Taiga stop in walking and his eyes grow big

"Really? How?"

"We just need to find his weakness and use it against him."

Taiga hugged Kishi

"Thank you so much"

"What friends are for. Just follow my instruction and we will win"

The next day:

The class started, Taiga saw Kouwani but he remember what Kishi said to him.

"As much as possible don't look at him and ignore his presence; if you are always paying attention to him he will always be on guard and it is hard to spot his blind spot."

So Taiga just look down his head, Kouwani look at him but he didn't see him looking back he just ignore him.

It is now break time; the class were talking to each other's friend. Taiga remember Kishi's 2nd instruction.

"When he is talking to somebody, try to eave's drop on them. Gather all of the information you can get. Pretend you are just passing by or try to find some to talk to near them."

Taiga went near Kouwani's place and talked to Juri about their coming shows although he is not completely listening to Juri but to Kouwani's story.

"Try to follow him unnoticed if he ever noticed you, just say you are in the same way with him."

Taiga saw Kouwani enter 7-Eleven and buy some Fruit Yogurt.

"Try to be nice and soft to him. That is the best way to detect his blind spot."

Taiga approach Kouwani and tried to talked to him.

"Konichiwa, There is a celebration in my house for Dad's birthday want to come. I hope we can fix our problem."

Kouwani just give him a blank look and said

"So you want to do something bad to me again? Whatever you will say I won't forgive you for touching me last time."

Taiga turned pale again as cold sweat starting to came out from him; he can feel the bad atmosphere once again. He can hear other student's who are looking at him whispering at each other.

"Is that true>"

"He is from Johnny, he can do what he wants without being punish at all."

"I Will REALLY SKIN HIM ALIVE!!" Taiga shouted.

"Lower your voice Taiga-kun, you may disturb the neighbor." said by Kishi.

"But he is really awful, this time he said that I touch him I didn't do it to him. Who would do such disgusting act."

"Mada Mada. Base on the information that you gathered; maybe he can say such words because of his poor linguistic ability. Apparently Japanese is not his native language and he is just learning it for just 3 years. That is why he say such things without knowing what is its real meaning it just like a direct translation."

"So da ne"

"Well you didn't get any blind spot at all but you get a hint on his weakness."

"What is it?"

"He is an AKB fan"

"Well what it can do?"

"Treat him on an AKB concert, in that case because of excitement he will lower his guard on you and you can see a blind spot on him."

The next day, Taiga approach Kouwani again. But before he can sepak Kouwani talked.

"If you are going to pester me again do it properly. You are looking like a worm when you're with me. I wonder why a creature like you is an idol."

Taiga closed his fist, he want to punch Kouwani, he was not been insulted like that before. But he remember Kishi's advice to be calm because they are dealing with a cold-blooded reptile and one wrong move can kill them both.

'No, I have an extra ticket for this coming AKB concert in Tokyo Dome. Do you want to come?"

Kouwani was staring at the ticket on Taiga's hand.

Their plan succeed! The convinced Kouwani to go at the concert. Now the last thing to do is to see Kouwani's blind spot and defeat him.

It was 5 in the afternoon; Taiga and Kouwani are waiting for the long line at the entrance.

"Why are you wearing such weird clothes? ask by Kouwani

"It is prohibited in our agency to be caught in such kind of events. That is why I need to disguise"

The concert start as the girls sing their songs; Taiga was not excited at all he was not a fan.

The whole Tokyo Dome was being wild as each songs had a chant from the audiences to fire up the spirit.

Taiga saw how happy Kouwani is.

After the concert, there is a special meet and greet with the AKB members and it happens that Taiga bought ticket that can access that privilege.

"Who do you want to shake you hand with?" ask by Taiga.

"I want to get a picture with Watanbe Mayu. She is my favorite." replied by Kouwani.

It is now their turn, but Taiga saw Kouwani is shaking because of nervous.

"Next person please." said by the staff

"Hey it is now your turn." said by Taiga.

"I am scared, I don't to be alone. Please go with me."


Kouwani pull Taiga and force him to take picture with him and Watanabe Mayu.

They are now walking to return home. Kouwani was looking at the picture of them with Mayu he is really happy.

"I still can't believe it. I have a picture with Mayuyu this is my lucky day!"

"Geez you don't need to pull me, I actually want to give you my pass also so you can take more pictures with her."

"Sorry Kyomoto-san, I am really nervous at that time. I am not used to take a picture with a girl."

"Eh? Nande? Did you not experiece to have a girlfriend before?"

"(Shake his head) I am more focus with my study so I don't have time for such thing. I didn't even have a first kiss hehe I want my first time to be with my beloved for the rest of my life."

"So desu ka"

"By the way Kyomoto-san thank you for this opportunity I really appreciate it."

"That is not the case, I just want to be friends with you because it is hard to live with an enemy."

"Hai hai, lets take picture together. This is a memorable night."

And the two of them took a picture together.

"I see, he is a fan of Mayu. And she didn't have any experience yet which means he is a virgin."

"Hey Kishi-kun don't say such vulgar words. What if somebody hear us."

"In that case we need to find him a girl friend. To weaken him!"

"Where did you get such kind of idea"

"Well, it is common on the streets of Akihabara to find such kind of a guy."

"But those guys are really creepy, Kouwani is not like that, he has a soft and angelic face. Actually he's kinda cute when he is smiling"


"Well, I am also surprise to see him smiling and very happy last night. He is like a different person compare to him when he is at school."

"Whatever, we will follow this plan then we can take him down before.."

"Before I take you first"

Kishi and Taiga turn pale when they see Kouwani standing at front of them.

"Hahaha you idols are really fools. Your narcissistic and overconfident personality is the main reason why all of you are easy to destroy."

Taiga stood up and say "Why are you doing these things?"

"Huh? isn't it you guys are the one who try to destroy me first?"

"IT IS BECAUSE YOU'RE VERY RUDE" said by Taiga with a very angry face.

"HAHAHA it is funny to see your face like that. I don't know why they are marketed you as a girl while your face is disgusting like a construction worker in my country. It just happen that your skin is white and smooth than them but it is not of girl but of a brute man. A poso-negro."

Kouwani walk towards to Kishi, Kishi was freeze in panic he can't move his legs. Kouwani managed to get near him. The two are on the same height and Kishi's eyes are widening because of fear. Kouwani open his mouth and speak.

"Let me ask you, how a crocodile can know if he had a prey nearby?"

Kishi tried to answer "When he see them" but he received a big slap from him.

"BAKA, it is when he feel the vibration in the water. Do you think I still didn't notice that there is something suspicious with Kyomoto-san's action."

Kishi fell down, Taiga saw it and try to punch Kouwani but Kouwani just face him and said

"If you try to hurt me what do you think will happen?"

Taiga was stopped their enemy was really a dangerous one.

"Anyway it doesn't matter, I will just sell your Photo in AKB concert to some Tabloiads BWAHAHAHAHAHA"

"YOUR A DEMON! So that is why you took a picture with me!"

"It is just my retaliation you know. I wonder what will be your parent's face looks like when their beloved son's career was been wiped in a minute"


"Ja, you fell to my trap. The moment you approached me is the time you took my poison unconsciously BWAHAHAHAHA"

Kishi stand up and said to Taiga

"This is bad it not just that he turn the tables, he can also ruin our career. He is really a not ordinary person."

Then they heard a voice.

"Kishi-kun, what are you doing here."

The guy who said those words is a student from Horikoshi, the center of the group Sexy Zone, Sato Shori.

"What are you doing here and you are with Kyomoto-san"

Kishi look at Kouwani and saw his expression.

"Taiga-kun we still have hope."


"We can now turn the tables, I saw now Kouwani's blind spot."

"I don't get what you mean."

"Even how ferocious crocodiles are, they still have one weakness and that is their eyes. We need to make this work because this is our last hop to shut the crocodile's mouth and put him in control"

Kindan no kazoku

Pairings: Kyomoto Taiga x Kawabata Kouwani

Summary: Kouwani is half Japanese guy from southeast Asia who went to Japan to Study in University. Kyomoto Taiga is a famous idol from Johnny's Entertainment which happens to be his classmate. What will happen if these two were been bound by an impossible fate that even modern science cannot explain it?

Warning: PG-15

[Chapter 1- The tiger meets the crocodile]
The breeze of spring enter the open window of the classroom as the 70 students were listening to the lectures of their professor. But not all of them were listening especially the fan girls. They were looking and gigling even taking secret photos of their classmate which happened to be an idol from the famous agency Johnny's and Associates. But not all were happy about it; Kawabata Kouwani, one of the scholar of their university was been annoyed by the noisy girl's noise. He look back and gave them a glare; the girls were afraid of him so they stop what they were doing. The idol notice this was pissed off.

After the subject class, the idol went to Kowani and confront him.

"What you did earlier was rude especially to those girls."

Kouwani just gave him a glare and said

"Who are you?"

The idol was shocked on what he heard, this is the first time he see someone who doesn't know him.

"Well, my name is Kyomoto Taiga. I am Kyomoto Misaki's son and a talent of Johnny and Associates."

"I am just asking for your name not your biography"

Those words sink inside Taiga's ears. This is the first a person say those kind of words to him.

"You're really rude! Is that how your parent raise you?!"

"Not only my parent raise me, the society as well. Why? does your parent love you so much that they just locked you inside your home like a poor dog?"


"You're the first one who include the parents in our topic."

"How could you be so calm? You are so rude, I don't know what kind of environment do you have in your home."

"You're asking to many question, are you a son of a paparazi or a stalker?"

Taiga cannot control his anger anymore, but he is an idol and if he release his anger in public, it will ruin his image.

"I don't want to talk to you, you're just a waste of time." said by Taiga.

"You are the first one who talked to me, Your name is of Tiger but your brain is of bird."

Then Kouwani walked away; Taiga just notice it this time some students were listening at their arguments and were laughing. He was been humiliated by a Rainichi in public. He just turned around and give a weak laugh then he went to washroom.

"Damn that guy, what he is thinking anyway!! I just want to say to him that he should not be rude to my fans yet he makes me look like an idiot in public."

To his surprise Kouwani went out from the cubicle.

"You're talking to yourself, your not only bird brain. You're weirdo too." then Kouwani wash his hand and go out.

Taiga cannot control his anger anymore grab Kouwani's wrist.


Taiga feel that his hand was like been swallowed by Kowani's jacket.

"He is very thin!" he said to himself.

"Let me go it hurts!" said by Kouwani.

Taiga was surprised so he let him go.

Taiga was still wobbling about Kowani's wrist.

"It is so small, I think he is malnourished."

When he entered the room everyone was looking at him with weird face. He ignored them and he sit down on his seat.
His friend Tanaka Juri which is also an idol from his company asked him.

"Is it true that you try to violate Kouwani's?"


"That is what he said to us, he even show us his wrist with your hand mark."

Taiga gave Kowani a glare. But Kowani was also looking at him with evil eyes.

"Kowani was really like his name, he is a quite person but you didn't know when he will attack." said by one of his classmate.

"Tigers and Crocodiles should really needed to be separated. A disaster will happen if they were together." said by Karasu, their occult lover classmates.

The atmosphere in the classroom was really dangerous as the two of them were keep glaring at each other. A battle between the tiger and the crocodile will soon happen.

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